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Joe Chiofalo aka Joey Pajamas

Joey Pajamas on Howard Stern

Joe has also made his presence known on the Howard Stern Show. That's right folks, Joe Chiofalo is in fact ... JOEY PAJAMAS.

A few years back Joey Pajamas entered a song parody competition on the Howard Stern show. With $25,000 on the line, he knew he had to come up with something great. After all, he listened to the show everyday for years, and knew all of the personalities. He's been writing and recording music since the age of 15 - he at least had to send in something. With four days left before the deadline he had an epiphany. He knew what he had to do. Every night after working ten hours a day at his day job, he wrote and recorded his submission.

As the announcement of the winners drew nearer, he heard the good entries get praised with laughter and reverence, while the bad ones were scoffed at and dismissed as crap. And still, Pajamas heard nothing of his parody. Even if it didn't place, he was sure it would at least get a mention, a laugh from the gang if nothing else. Well the winners were announced and Pajamas went on with his life wondering what the f__k happened?? Did they even receive his disc??? Confident that his parody was air worthy, he continued to send his entry in to the station every three months for more then a year. He sent them in to Robin and Gary, then to Gary and Fred, then to Robin and Howard, and so on. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he sent in three discs. One to Robin, one to Gary, and the third one to a new comer to the show, his now good friend, Richard Christy.

Finally Pajamas heard back. Richard explained that his original lyrics were too risque for testicle radio. He advised Pajamas to change the lyrics and he'd get it to the powers that be. Pajamas went right to work re-recording his original vision. Unlike most parody submissions, Pajamas starts from scratch in his Midi studio using only great samples and a microphone. NO BITCH KARAOKE tracks here.

Within two weeks it was not only finished and delivered to Richard, but the second verse was used as the intro to Robin's news. "Lovin Robin's Back Door" finally had its moment in the sun. The brilliant spin off of John Fogerty's " Looking Out My Back Door" This would be the beginning of a wonderful collaboration between the brilliance which is the Howard Stern Show, and a singer/songwriter with a witty, perverted sense of humor. From that day on Pajamas has sent in all kinds of comedic bits. Some of them parodies, some of them original snippets. His country cover version of "This is Beetle" was a big hit, and "Anal Receiver " was number one in the top five in the country for weeks".

"He's real talented" says Howard Stern, the King of all media.

Pajamas finally got to meet his pal Richard, along with most of the staff at the Howard Stern Film Festival. They've even worked together on a few bits. One with PJ supplying the music/lyrics, and Richard laying in a brilliant choice of his favorite Homo discipline sound bite.

Since then Joey Pajamas has become a major contributor to the show. "Really very talented" says Howard Stern, the King of all media. With tracks like "Lovin' Robin's Backdoor", "Sal's a Moe" and endless X-rated parodies, Joey Pajamas is there to stay.

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